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Supplemental Fig. 5 from To eat or not to eat: ontogeny of hypothalamic feeding controls and a role for leptin in modulating life-history transition in amphibian tadpoles

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posted on 19.03.2018 by Melissa Cui Bender, Caroline Hu, Chris Pelletier, Robert J. Denver
Expression of the stress and feeding control-related gene corticotropin-releasing factor b (crfb) in three brain regions of X. laevis tadpoles during metamorphosis. We measured changes in crfb mRNA throughout metamorphosis by RTqPCR (see Supplemental Methods). We saw statistically significant changes in crfb mRNA during metamorphosis in all brain regions analyzed. The level of crfb mRNA was highest in the POA/hypothalamus and in the hindbrain/spinal cord, and it increased in these regions throughout metamorphosis beginning at NF stage 58. The expression pattern of crfb mRNA is consistent with the distribution of CRF immunoreactivity in frog brain [2]. The level of crfb mRNA showed a small increase at NF stage 66 in the region of the olfactory bulbs/forebrain (olfactory bulbs/forebrain: F(4,20)=5.570, p=0.004; preoptic area/hypothalamus: F(4,20)=27.125, p<0.0001; hindbrain/spinal cord: F(4,20)=17.323, p<0.0001; ANOVA). Shown are the means±SEM (n=5/developmental stage).