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Figure S6 from Regulation of valve interstitial cell homeostasis by mechanical deformation: implications for heart valve disease and surgical repair

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posted on 16.10.2017 by Salma Ayoub, Chung-Hao Lee, Kathryn H. Driesbaugh, Wanda Anselmo, Connor T. Hughes, Giovanni Ferrari, Robert C. Gorman, Joseph H. Gorman, Michael S. Sacks
Predictions of the fibrosa NAR as a function of applied external tissue-level tension. The following representations of the MVIC microenvironment model are plotted and compared to experimental values: (1) 37 MVIC inclusions (plane-stress), (2) single MVIC with the same cell volume fraction (plane-stress), and (3) single MVIC (3D). Figure adapted with permission from [47].