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Figure S3. The targeting site is required for VdmilR1-mediated repression of target gene expression. from A fungal milRNA mediates epigenetic repression of a virulence gene in Verticillium dahliae

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posted on 03.12.2018, 13:44 by Yun Jin, Jian-Hua Zhao, Pan Zhao, Tao Zhang, Sheng Wang, Hui-Shan Guo
A: Construction of GFP reporter sensors with wild-type 3'UTR of VdHy1 or a VdmilR1-resistant mutant 3'UTR of VdHy1. The alignment of VdmilR1 with the target in VdHy1 and the miRNA-resistant mutated version at the predicted binding sites is shown in the box. B: Suppression of the expression of reporter gene GFP-3'UTR, but not GFP-3'UTRm, in Tef-VdMILR1. qRT-PCR was performed using the V. dahliae tubulin gene as an internal control. Error bars show ±standard deviation from three replicates. Data obtained for GFP-3'UTR in V592 was set to 1.