Figure S3. High tangential speed indicates movement on the floor from Vertical exploration and dimensional modularity in mice

2018-03-09T12:29:36Z (GMT) by Yair Wexler Yoav Benjamini Ilan Golani
Figure S3. High tangential speed (Vθ) is only observed in segments of movement on the ground. Therefore, capturing the boundary between the arena floor and the wall using the mouse's smoothed two-dimensional tracking coordinates is enabled by using only the set of points where Vθ was high. The left panel presents the smoothed 2D coordinates of a selected mouse (V02) during the entire session. In the middle panel, only points where Vθ≥8 cm/s (75th percentile) were plotted. In the left panel, only points where Vθ≥32 cm/s (92nd percentile) were plotted. Green marks the calculated boundary between the floor and the wall using the modified arena builder algorithm.