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Figure S1 mean bacterial cell densities of focal populations and competitors from Specific adaptation to strong competitors can offset the negative effects of population size reductions

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posted on 10.03.2018 by Xin-Feng Zhao, Angus Buckling, Quan-Guo Zhang, Elze Hesse
Figure S1 Mean bacterial cell densities ± SEM, where focal populations evolved (a) without competitors, (b) with inferior competitors, (c) with equivalent competitors or (d) with superior competitors. Focal populations are shown as solid squares; and competitors as open circles. As expected, focal populations with differential evolutionary backgrounds varied in their population sizes as a function of competitor type (one-way ANOVA; F3,44 = 49.42, p < 0.001). Specifically, the presence of the inferior competitors did not cause a significant reduction in population sizes of focal populations, while equivalent and superior competitors did so, with the latter showing the largest effect. Different letters right to the panels denote significant differences in mean focal population densities across treatments (Tukey multiple comparison, padj < 0.05).