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Figure S1 from Mid-Devensian climate and landscape in England: new data from Finningley, South Yorkshire.

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posted on 26.06.2019, 11:40 by Philip I. Buckland, Mark D. Bateman, Ole Bennike, Paul C. Buckland, Brian M. Chase, Charles Frederick, Malcolm Greenwood, Julian Murton, Della Murton, Eva Panagiotakopulu
Vertical face through units 3–5 in an east-west section at the Finningley Quarry. From base upwards is diamict (unit 3, dark grey), stratified sand (unit 4, orange–brown), and laminated clay–silt (unit 5, grey). The dark grey layer ~20 cm thick within the sand of unit 3 is a subunit of laminated clay‒silt. Above this subunit, the sand is cross-bedded, with foresets showing a gentle apparent dip to the east. (ranging pole marked in 0.5m lengths. Photo: C. Frederick 2001).