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Tables S8 and S9 from Population genetics of immune-related multilocus copy number variation in Native Americans

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posted on 14.03.2017, 10:00 by Luciana W. Zuccherato, Silvana Schneider, Eduardo Tarazona-Santos, Robert J. Hardwick, Douglas E. Berg, Helen Bogle, Mateus H. Gouveia, Lee R. Machado, Moara Machado, Fernanda Rodrigues-Soares, Giordano B. Soares-Souza, Diego L. Togni, Roxana Zamudio, Robert H. Gilman, Denise Duarte, Edward J. Hollox, Maíra R. Rodrigues
Diploid copy number distributions of DEFB and FCGR3B loci for worldwide populations (Human Genome Diversity Project panel) and allele frequencies and fCNV inferred using CoNVEM (A) and CNVice (B).