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Table S6. WSS results between the human fecal sample and the gnotobiotic mouse. from An individualized mosaic of maternal microbial strains are transmitted to the infant gut microbial community

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posted on 10.04.2020, 08:23 by Hyunmin Koo, Braden C. McFarland, Joseph A. Hakim, David K. Crossman, Michael R. Crowley, J. Martin Rodriguez, Etty N. Benveniste, Casey D. Morrow
All pairwise comparisons were conducted between each donor feces vs. post-FMT dam (BRD) and their F1 progenies (F1-1, F1-2, F1-3, and F1-4). The resultant WSS scores are represented as a numerical value along with the data bar graphs. The WSS scores that were above the cut-off (CO) values are in red. CO: NA=no cut-off value assigned, thus excluded to distinguish a related strain pair.