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Table S2. Results from the high-content screen. from An in vivo genetic screen in Drosophila identifies the orthologue of human cancer/testis gene SPO11 among a network of targets to inhibit lethal(3)malignant brain tumour growth

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posted on 14.08.2017, 08:59 by Fabrizio Rossi, Cristina Molnar, Kazuya Hashiyama, Jan P. Heinen, Judit Pampalona, Salud Llamazares, José Reina, Tomomi Hashiyama, Madhulika Rai, Giulia Pollarolo, Ismael Fernandez, Cayetano Gonzalez
The table contains all the information regarding the high-content screen including the list of all the RNAi lines screened, the corresponding VDRC UAS-RNAi line ID, FlyBase ID, CG name, Symbol, and the behaviour in the screen assay. Lines that performed as mbt tumor suppressors only in the first in both first and second rounds of screen are labeled orange and green, respectively. Only the latter (green) were tagged as confirmed mbt-SPRs. Lines that lead to larval lethality or larval brains smaller than wild type are labeled brown and purple, respectively.