Table S1 from Pattern and process in hominin brain size evolution are scale-dependent

Excel spreadsheet with the raw data used for all analyses. Each row is a separate specimen along with its ID. Columns include the “lumper's” and “splitter's” taxonomy used in the random effects ANOVA to get inter-observer error (“lump.taxon” and “split.taxon”), the less and more speciose lineages used in the lower-taxonomic additive partitioning analyses (“lump.part” and “split.part”), region where each specimen comes from which aided in the allocation of specimens to lineages (“region”), grade for coding points in fig. 2 (“grade”), which specimens were excluded for the damaged specimens sensitivity analysis (“reliab.sens”), ECV replicate measurements from different researchers (“ecv1” to “ecv6”), and the various dates for each specimen (“”, “”, “”, and “”) and their respective age error distribution (“date.dist”).