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Table S1 from Metabolic rates, climate and macroevolution: a case study using Neogene molluscs

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posted on 21.08.2018 by Luke C. Strotz, Erin E. Saupe, Julien Kimmig, Bruce S. Lieberman
Basal metabolic rate and other pertinent data for 299 Neogene mollusc species from the Western Atlantic. Status = extinct or extant; distribution = broad or narrow as per Saupe et al. [33] and references therein; max_length = mean of maximum length for all measured individuals of the relevant species (in millimetres); B_species = mean BMR for species determined based upon Equation 1 and using mean temperature values; Bs_min_temp = mean BMR for species calculated using minimum temperature values; Bs_max_temp = mean BMR for species calculated using maximum temperature values; Bs_no_constant = mean BMR for species with the scaling constant excluded from Equation 1; and Bs_no_temp = mean BMR for species with temperature excluded from Equation 1.