Table S1. Results from the candidate screen. from An in vivo genetic screen in Drosophila identifies the orthologue of human cancer/testis gene SPO11 among a network of targets to inhibit lethal(3)malignant brain tumour growth

The table contains all the information regarding the candidate screen including a list of all the selected RNAi lines, the corresponding VDRC UAS-RNAi line ID, FlyBase ID, CG name, Symbol, and the results form the screen. Genes corresponding to these RNAi lines are grouped according to the following criteria: FLY GENES HOMOLOGS TO HUMAN CTs, MBTS genes, MBT and BRAT UP-REGULATED GENES [12], MEIOTIC RECOMBINATION GENES and OTHERS. The last two classes include a miscellaneous of functional sub-groups. All RNAi lines are from VDRC, unless otherwise indicated (“BL-“ refers to BDSC lines). RNAi lines are labeled gray S, red S, black N, and green E when their expression results in mbt larval brains that are smaller than wild type, equal to wild type, equal to mbt or larger than mbt brains , respectively.