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Table S1. List of pollination networks. from Network resilience of mutualistic ecosystems and environmental changes: an empirical study

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posted on 30.08.2018, 17:45 by Ellie Nagaishi, Kazuhiro Takemoto
This table includes the network ID, network type (i.e., binary or weighted), reference, plant network resilience (βeff for plant networks), animal network resilience (βeff for animal networks), the number of plants (#Plants) and the number of animals (#Animals), the number of links (#Links), climatic and geographic parameters [i.e., longitude, latitude, elevation, mean annual temperature (Tmean), temperature seasonality (Tseasonality), annual precipitation (Pann), precipitation seasonality (Pseasonality), human impact, temperature-change (warming) velocity (Tvelocity), and precipitation-change velocity (Pvelocity)].