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Table S1: Body size data set of fossil testudinids from Quaternary megafasuna extinctions altered body size distribution in tortoises

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posted on 2022-11-24, 06:32 authored by Julia Joos, Catalina Pimiento, Donald B. Miles, Johannes Müller
Table S1: Body size data set of fossil testudinids. Contains information on locality, taxonomy (Genus and Species name), straight carapace length [mm], age and geographic distribution. Additionally, it is stated whether carapace length was directly measured (m: exact measurements provided in reference, mf: measured from scaled figure, mo: estimated by original authors) or estimated (e: estimated from fragmentary carapace/plastron, ev: estimated from verbal description, ep: estimated from plastron length, ef: estimated from femur length, eh: estimated from humerus length, ec: estimated from claw phalanges). Further, it is stated on which continent the fossil record was recovered and whether it was continental (n: no) or insular (y: yes). Lastly, the reference from which the data were obtained is listed.