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Supplementary Table from KAP1 targets actively transcribed genomic loci to exert pleomorphic effects on RNA polymerase II activity

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posted on 23.01.2020 by Annamaria Kauzlaric, Suk Min Jang, Mehdi Morchikh, Marco Cassano, Evarist Planet, Monsef Benkirane, Didier Trono
KAP1 (KRAB-associated protein 1) is best known as a co-repressor responsible for inducing heterochromatin formation notably at transposable elements. However, it has also been observed to bind the transcription start site of actively expressed genes. To address this paradox, we characterized the protein interactome of KAP1 in the human K562 erythro-leukaemia cell line. We found that the regulator can associate with a wide range of nucleic acid binding proteins, nucleosome remodellers, chromatin modifiers and other transcription modulators. We further determined that KAP1 is recruited at actively transcribed polymerase II promoters, where its depletion resulted in pleomorphic effects, whether expression of these genes was normally constitutive or inducible, consistent with the breadth of possible KAP1 interactors.This article is part of the discussion meeting issue ‘Crossroads between transposons and gene regulation’.