Source codes and data files from Application of low-order potential solutions to higher-order vertical traction boundary problems in an elastic half-space

2018-05-01T09:39:00Z (GMT) by Adam G. Taylor Jae H. Chung
New solutions of potential functions for the bilinear vertical traction boundary condition are derived and presented. The discretization and interpolation of higher-order tractions and the superposition of the bilinear solutions provide a method of forming approximate and continuous solutions for the equilibrium state of a homogeneous and isotropic elastic half-space subjected to arbitrary normal surface tractions. Past experimental measurements of contact pressure distributions in granular media are reviewed in conjunction with the application of the proposed solution method to analysis of elastic settlement in shallow foundations. A numerical example is presented for an empirical ‘saddle-shaped’ traction distribution at the contact interface between a rigid square footing and a supporting soil medium. Non-dimensional soil resistance is computed as the reciprocal of normalized surface displacements under this empirical traction boundary condition, and the resulting internal stresses are compared to classical solutions to uniform traction boundary conditions.