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Raw data used for statistical analyses in this study. from Rising floor and dropping ceiling: organ heterogeneity in response to cold acclimation of the largest extant amphibian

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posted on 19.09.2022, 05:49 authored by Wei Zhu, Chunlin Zhao, Tian Zhao, Liming Chang, Qiheng Chen, Jiongyu Liu, Cheng Li, Feng Xie, Jianping Jiang
Supplementary data 2: Table S1: Food intake. Table S2: Body traits. Table S3: Raw data of preferred temperature. Table S4: Organ weight. Table S5: Statistics of Polymerase reads (Whole length transcriptome). Table S6: Statistics of ORI (Whole length transcriptome). Table S7: Statistics of transcripts (Whole length transcriptome). Table S8: Table presenting the expression levels of transcripts. Table S9: Table presenting the metabolite abundance. Table S10: Detailed information for catabolic genes in Figure 3. Table S11: Detailed information for KEGG enrichment analyses.