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MC Code for CBS in anisotropic media from Coherent backscattering of light by an anisotropic biological network

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posted on 22.11.2018 by Gianni Jacucci, Olimpia D. Onelli, Antonio De Luca, Jacopo Bertolotti, Riccardo Sapienza, Silvia Vignolini
The scattering strength of a random medium relies on the geometry and spatial distribution of its components as well as on their refractive index. Anisotropy can, therefore, play a major role in the optimization of the scattering efficiency both in biological and synthetic materials. In this study, we show that by exploiting the coherent backscattering phenomenon, it is possible to characterize the optical anisotropy in the Cyphochilus beetle scales without the need of changing their orientation or their thickness. For this reason, such a static and easily accessible experimental approach is particularly suitable for the study of biological specimens. Moreover, the estimation of the anisotropy in the Cyphochilus beetle scales might provide inspiration for improving the scattering strength of artificial white materials.