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posted on 2023-03-30, 17:33 authored by Richard F. Lyman, Rachel A. Lyman, Akihiko Yamamoto, Wen Huang, Susan T. Harbison, Shanshan Zhou, Robert R. H. Anholt, Trudy F. C. Mackay
Fertility is a major component of fitness but its genetic architecture remains poorly understood. Using a full diallel cross of 50 Drosophila Genetic Reference Panel inbred lines with whole genome sequences, we found substantial genetic variation in fertility largely attributable to females. We mapped genes associated with variation in female fertility by genome-wide association analysis of common variants in the fly genome. Validation of candidate genes by RNAi knockdown confirmed the role of the dopamine 2-like receptor (Dop2R) in promoting egg laying. We replicated the Dop2R effect in an independently collected productivity dataset and showed that the effect of the Dop2R variant was mediated in part by regulatory gene expression variation. This study demonstrates the strong potential of genome-wide association analysis in this diverse panel of inbred strains and subsequent functional analyses for understanding the genetic architecture of fitness traits.


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