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Height, base diameter & aspect ratio.xlxs from Size always matters, shape matters only for the big: potential optical effects of silica bodies in Selaginella

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posted on 2022-06-17, 09:21 authored by Ming-Chih Shih, Pei-Jung Xie, Jiannyeu Chen, Peter Chesson, Chiou-Rong Sheue
Three worksheets include morphometric data of silica bodies from the three Selaginella species used in this study. Morphometric data include the base diameter (dbase), height and aspect ratio (rasp) obtained from each silica body. Individuals sampled for measurement were also recorded, with an abbreviated population name following a collection number. In the datasheet for S. delicatula, both semithin and freehand sections were used. The methodology is recorded in the last column.