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ESM 5 from Depth-dependent effects of culling—do mesophotic lionfish populations undermine current management?.

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posted on 19.05.2017, 02:12 by Dominic A. A ndradi-Brown, Rachel Grey, Alicia Hendrix, Drew Hitchner, Christina L. Hunt, Erika Gress, Konrad Madej, Rachel L. Parry, Catriona Régnier-McKellar, Owen P. Jones, María Arteaga, Andrea P. Izaguirre, Alex D. Rogers, Dan A. Exton
Raw lionfish alert distance data from Utila and Tela. Each row represents a unique lionfish. Columns include: ‘Lionfish.ID’ – unique lionfish identifier, ‘region’ – whether from Utila or Tela, ‘site’ – dive center name for dive site around Utila or Tela, ‘depth.m’ – depth the lionfish was observed at in m, ‘’ – alert distance in cm, ‘’ – the total length of the lionfish in cm.