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Database S1 from Varroa destructor infestation impairs the improvement of landing performance in foraging honeybees

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posted on 28.08.2020 by Florian T. Muijres, Coby van Dooremalen, Martin Lankheet, Heleen Lugt, Lana J. de Vries, Frank Van Langevelde
Database with the data supporting this study, stored in a compressed MATLAB (MathWorks, Inc.) structured binary data container format. The database consists of two datasets: 1. The structure “trajectories” contains the temporal dynamics of all analysed trajectories, including the time array t [s], and vectors of position X = {x,y,z} [mm], velocity U = {u,v,w} [m/s], and accelerations A = {ax,ay,az} [m/s2] of the bee throughout each landing manoeuvre. 2. The table “landing_metrics_and_meta_data” contains all derived metrics and meta-data used for our GLMM tests. It includes for each analysed landing manoeuvre the experimental day [yyyymmdd], Time-of-day [h], Hive number [-], Varroa-infestation of the colony V–/V+ [-], Pre-touchdown leg extension L [-], Approach speed Vapproach [m/s], and Relative speed change at impact V*impact [-].