Time-lapse movie showing reversal of apoptosis in HeLa cells. from Anastasis: recovery from the brink of cell death

2018-09-08T11:46:00Z (GMT) by Ho Man Tang Ho Lam Tang
HeLa cells were induced to undergo apoptosis by exposure to a cell death stimulus of 3.9% ethanol. Apoptotic dying cells displayed morphological hallmarks including mitochondrial fragmentation, nuclear condensation, cell shrinkage, and plasma membrane blebbing. Then, the dying cells were washed and incubated with fresh culture medium. Reversal of apoptosis occurred as indicated by morphological recovery of the cells. To visualized mitochondria and nucleus, cells were stained with MitoTracker (red fluorescence) and Hoechst (blue fluorescence) for confocal microscopy, respectively. Cell morphology was observed with differential interference contrast (DIC) microscopy.