Table S3 from Metabolic rates, climate and macroevolution: a case study using Neogene molluscs

Body size measurements, basal metabolic rate and other pertinent data for Neogene Western Atlantic mollusc specimens. Width, length and max length all in millimetres. Temperature values are all in Kelvin. max_size = maximum of either width or length for the relevant specimen; biomass = biomass (in grams) for individuals calculated using approach listed in Data and Methods Part B (body size); palaeo_lat and palaeo_long = reconstructed palaeo-geographic coordinates, accounting for shifts in geographic position associated with continental drift that has occurred since the Pliocene (this was only performed for mPWP specimens, all younger specimens are listed as NA); and age = geological age of specimen. Abbreviations as per Data and Methods Part C (palaeoclimate); B0 = clade specific scaling constant used in Equation 1; B_ind_avg = BMR for individual specimens determined based upon Equation 1; B_ind_min = mean BMR for individual specimens calculated using minimum temperature values; B_ind_max = BMR for individual specimens calculated using maximum temperature values; B_ind_no_constant = BMR for individual specimens with the scaling constant excluded from Equation 1; B_ind_no_temp = BMR for individual specimens with temperature excluded from Equation 1.