Table S1 from Snake fungal disease: an emerging threat to wild snakes

Samples used to determine the types of fungi associated with dermatitis in wild snakes. Location data are displayed only to the county (or sometimes state) level due to concerns with disclosing specific locations of rare or sensitive snake populations. Fungal infection was assessed by examining histologic sections of skin lesions. The number of gross lesions consistent with dermatitis were categorized as "none" (no gross skin lesions observed), "single" (one lesion), "multiple" (more than one discrete lesion), or "not assessed" (no information was available on the number of skin lesions present). The type of fungal growth medium upon which samples were cultured is listed as "DTM" (dermatophyte test medium) or "SD" (Sabouraud dextrose medium containing chloramphenicol and gentamycin). The number of unique internal transcribed spacer region DNA sequences identified per snake (or operational taxonomic units [OTUs] at 100% sequence identity) is listed. Samples originating from snakes cited in previous literature are specified