Table S1 from Loss of developmental diapause as prerequisite for social evolution in bees

Table of the species used for correlation and ancestral reconstruction analysis. For each species were assined: sociality (1- solitary, 2- social); phase (diapause phase: 1- development, 2- adult, 3- reproductive, 4- no diapause and 5- plastic); nest type (1- ground, 2- cavity); voltinism (1- univoltine, 2- multivoltine); latitude degreess: the latitude of the place of collection os the individuals assigned; date: the date used for the phylogenies construction based on the references in the Table S2; classification: classification of the species per sub-family or tribe; references: references used to fill the informations on this table; *: species that were not used in the correlation analyses; blank cell - data not available