Table S1 from Decomposing the effects of ocean environments on predator–prey body-size relationships in food webs

Data on prey–predator interactions and oceanographic parameters that were used for the analyses in this study. The following table lists the prey mass [g], predator mass [g], annual mean temperature (Tmean) [°C], temperature seasonality (Tvar), annual mean salinity (Smean) [unitless], salinity variability (Svar), annual mean oxygen concentration (O2mean) [mL/L], oxygen variability (O2var), primary production (PPmean), variability of primary production (PPvar), depth [m], habitat type, predator identity, geographic location, reference, latitude, longitude, start date (year and month) and end date (year and month) of the observation period. See the descriptions of the original dataset ( for the details of the references. The table also includes the difference (diff.depth.X) between the depths at the observation points and depths at which the values of an oceanographic parameter X were extracted from the World Ocean Atlas database.