Table S1 from Cellular morphology of leg musculature in the water bear Hypsibius exemplaris (Tardigrada) unravels serial homologies

2019-10-04T13:56:49Z (GMT) by Vladimir Gross Georg Mayer
Comparison of leg muscle terminology from the literature and this study for Hypsibius exemplaris and closely related species. Note that labels from Müller [10] are compiled from several species. Labels are taken directly from references (from top to bottom): Müller [10] (H. convergens, Ramazzottius oberhaueseri, Macrobiotus hufelandi), Schmidt-Rhaesa & Kulessa [11] (Hypsibius sp.), Smith & Jockusch [15] (H. exemplaris), Marchioro et al. [14] (Acutuncus antarcticus), this study (H. exemplaris). Question marks indicate ambiguous or missing data. See main manuscript for references.