Table S1;Figure S1;Figure S2 from Prey abundance and urbanization influence the establishment of avian predators in a metropolitan landscape

Mean detection probability and 95% credible intervals (CIs) for participant effort categories.;We assessed the accuracy of our imperviousness and tree canopy cover maps using the 1-m CMAP dataset from 2010. We randomly selected 7000 Landsat pixel samples and estimated the reference imperviousness and tree cover proportion for each Landsat pixel sample. We found that both imperviousness and tree canopy cover layers were highly correlated with the 2010 reference data (R2 = 0.96 and 0.80, respectively).;Year of the greatest increase in A) imperviousness and B) tree canopy cover in Chicago, IL. Imperviousness in Chicago increased during the early 2000s (green). Tree canopy cover also increased in similar areas, but with less magnitude.