Supplementary methods, references and figures from Solution structure of CXCL13 and heparan sulfate binding show that GAG binding site and cellular signalling rely on distinct domains

The supplement includes the experimental procedures for the preparation of CXCL13 and biotinilated HS, the NMR, the molecular dynamics and the binding studies. It comprises 12 supplementary figures and a table supporting the NMR-based structural characterization of CXCL13 monomer and dimer, the kinetic analysis of the binding of wt- and mutant- CXCL13 to HS, the conformational space exploration of CXCL13-HS complex, the mass-spectrometry based analysis of the fluorescently tagged CXCL13, the CXCL13 binding to HS+ and HS- cells, the analysis of the CXCR5 expression of splenocytes and transfected CHO cells and a structural comparison of various Chemokine's 40s loop.