Supplementary figures and tables from Trait variation in extreme thermal environments under constant and fluctuating temperatures

Fig S1: Temperature records (from 09/18/2013 to 08/18/2017), recorded in 15-min intervals, from the Lake Superior National Estuarine Research Reserve (Pokegama Bay station [lkspowq], water depth 1-2 m). Note that fathead minnows prefer shallower waters, making the maximum temperatures experienced likely higher than 27-28°C as observed in this plot. Fig S2: Growth trajectories for all fish analyzed in the experiment. Table S1: Model selection results for breakpoint regression analysis of every trait measured vs. temperature. Table S2: Model selection results for breakpoint regression analysis of variance in length-at-age vs. temperature. Table S3: MANOVA results on (a) all of the traits combined, (b) all the length-at-age measurements, (c) all of the morphometric and meristic traits, and (d) all the fluctuating asymmetry (FA) traits. Models = “full”: intercept + temp+fluct+temp*fluct; “no interaction”: intercept + temp+fluct; “no temp”: intercept + fluct; “no fluct”: intercept + temp.