Supplementary Information 3 from A longitudinal study of phenotypic changes in early domestication of house mice

Raw data on head length and associated variables in all investigated house mouse specimens (pups) from the study population between 2007 and 2016. PupID, signifies individual pups; Date, date at which the pups have been examined (year-month-day); Temp., temperature (°C) in the barn at the day of pup examination; ObsID, ID of the observer who has examined the pup; LitterID, ID of the litter, i.e., pups in same location and of same age; Age, age of the pup in days (day of birth is day 1); sex, M=male; F=female; Weight, weight of the pups in grams; Headlength, total length of the head (in mm) from the tip of the snout to the back of the skull.