Supplementary Figure S1: scenarios with logistic growth from Variability in life-history switch points across and within populations explained by Adaptive Dynamics

2018-10-31T14:04:34Z (GMT) by Pietro Landi James R. Vonesh Cang Hui
Scenarios for time of maturation under different juvenile initial sizes computed with logistic growth function w(τ)=g(w0,τ)= w0wK exp(rτ)/(wK+w0(exp(rτ)-1)). Orange interval: internal Evolutionary Stable Strategy (ESS) 0<τ<1. Parameters as in figure 4a in the main text except wK=10. Dark green interval: branching point (within-population variability). Light green interval: either branching point or boundary strategy τ=0 (across- and within-population variability). Red interval: direct development. Solid line: convergence stable equilibria (attracting strategies). Dashed line: convergence unstable equilibria (repelling strategies). Thick line: convergence stable but evolutionary unstable equilibria (branching points). TC: transcritical bifurcation. BR: branching bifurcation (B=0 in equation (6) in the main text), turning selection disruptive. SN: saddle-node bifurcation.;Model implementation