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Supplementary Figure 7. from Substantial reduction in thermo-suitable microhabitat for a rainforest marsupial under climate change

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posted on 16.11.2018 by Jessica Meade, Jeremy VanDerWal, Collin Storlie, Stephen Williams, Arnaud Gourret, Andrew Krockenberger, Justin Welbergen
Maps showing the mean number of events occurring in each 250m2 cell in the AWT. An event is defined as ≥4 consecutive days that the temperature in a cell is ≥30°C for ≥5 hours. The colour scale shows the number of events that occur in a cell, where dark red is the greatest number. Dark green indicate cells where events do not occur. Black dots represent known occurrences of P. archeri. Representative Concentration Pathway and year are indicated at the top of each map.