Supplementary Figure 1; Supplementary Table 1 from Remotely distinguishing and mapping endogenic water on the Moon

2017-02-22T06:16:10Z (GMT) by Rachel L. Klima Noah E. Petro
Examples of two spectra from the Copernicus central peak region. The top spectrum (red), obtained from on the slopes of the central peak, exhibits a brighter spectral signature than the lower spectrum, obtained from the floor of the crater just at the foot of the central peak. The spectral regions that are averaged in calculating the OH- relative band depth parameter are indicated. Though visual inspection of the spectra reveal that both have a signature at 2800 nm, The OH- relative band depth parameter for the upper spectrum is 0.047, while the lower spectrum is slightly negative at -0.017, due to the strong spectral slope of this spectrum, likely caused by residual thermal emission in the darker, warmer material.; Locations of interest and their associated OH- abundance.