Supplemental Materials for: The influence of cactus spine surface structure on puncture performance and anchoring ability is tuned for ecology.

2018-11-08T09:47:15Z (GMT) by S. B. Crofts P. S. L. Anderson
Supplemental Materials include: Power analysis data; Supplemental Fig 1: Spine length and tip sharpness compared between species; Supplemental Fig 2: Figures and more detailed discussion of Force to initial fracture and spine tip morphology; Supplemental Fig. 3: Work to initial fracture; Supplemental Fig. 4: A species level comparison of work to puncture and work to propagate fracture; Supplemental Fig 5: Relative distances required for spine withdrawal; Supplemental Fig. 6: An example series of force-displacement graphs showing the progressive decline in performance associated with repeated testing in barbed spines; Supplemental Fig. 7: ESEM image showing the undulating edges of Echinocactus grusonii spines.