Supplemental Figure 2 from Transgenerational effects of parental light environment on progeny competitive performance and lifetime fitness

Effects of Parental Sun vs Parental Shade on height extension over time for plants grown in three contrasting offspring treatments, (a) Severe Shade; (b) Neighbor Shade; (c) Sunny Dry. Means ± s.e. are shown (pooled across 5 genotypes). The parental treatment effect varied significantly over time (Parental Treatment x Time interaction term, multivariate repeated-measures ANOVA) in the Sunny Dry offspring treatment (p = 0.039) but was marginally nonsignificant in Severe Shade (p = 0.074) and nonsignificant in Neighbor Shade (p = 0.269), where extension curves over time are nearly parallel. Significance tests are shown for the effect of Parental Shade versus Parental Sun on in each Offspring Treatment (Simple Effects Tests; † p < 0.10, *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01. Details in Methods).