Seed Data Set_and Raw Data.xlxs from Superb autorotator: rapid decelerations in impulsively launched samaras

First sheet shows the datasets used for statistical analysis. Other sheets show 3D digitized data from 5 individual maple seeds during free-fall and when launched either vertically or launched horizontally. Each sheet displays the sparse digitized data from DLTdv6.m software: seed tip (point 1 and 2), seed root (points 3 and 4), and seed tip at maximal length (points 5 and 6), corresponding to (x, y) Cartesian coordinates in units of cm. Software is described in: Hedrick, T. L. (2008). Software techniques for two- and three-dimensional kinematic measurements of biological and biomimetic systems. Bioinspir. Biomim. 3, 034001.