SEM Images of Nanofibers; Biodegradation Test of Nanofibers; Contact angle Measurement; FTIR Analysis; TGA analysis from Polycaprolactone nanofibres loaded with 20(S)-protopanaxadiol for in vitro and vivo anti-tumour activity study

The original SEM images of nanofibers, including SEM figures and diameter date of different samples.;The original SEM images of PCL/20%PPD nanofiber before and after immersed into the PBS for several days.;The original data of Contact angle measurement include figures in different contact time and time data of different samples.;The original data of FTIR spectra of PCL nanofibers, free PPD and PCL/PPD nanofibers. ;The original data of TGA thermograms of PCL and PCL /PPD nanofibers.