Raw fish length data. from Assessing mesophotic coral ecosystems inside and outside a Caribbean marine protected area

Fish that were unable to be measured have been removed from the dataset. Each row represents an individual fish record. ‘Site’, ‘Depth’, and ‘Transect’ represent the survey site, depth (m) and transect number at the site. Sites were: CO – Colombia, HE – Herradura, PJ – Palancar Jardines, PT – Punta Tunich, PU – Purgatorio, SR – Santa Rosa, TT – Transito Transbordador, VB – Villa Blanca. ‘Family’, ‘Genus’, and ‘Species’ contain the fish family, genus and species. ‘Length.mm’ contains the measured fish length (mm), while ‘Range.mm’ contains the distance from the cameras (mm) that the fish was located when measured.