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Movie S1 from A chordwise offset of the wing-pitch axis enhances rotational aerodynamic forces on insect wings: a numerical study

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posted on 01.06.2019 by Wouter G. van Veen, Johan L. van Leeuwen, Florian T. Muijres
Movie that illustrates the kinematics used in the in the simulations, as described in §2.2 and §S1, for the case where stroke=1750 rad/s and pitch=250 rad/s. The left top panel shows a top view of the moving wing in blue and the wing position at force extraction in grey; The right top panel shows a schematic side view of the moving wing (blue) and final wing orientation (grey); the circle indicates the location of the leading edge and the diamond shows the pitch axis location. The left and right bottom panels show the temporal dynamics of stroke angle and pitch angle, respectively.