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Highlights;Prime Novelty Statement from Novel ternary nanocomposites of MWCNTs/PANI/MoS2: preparation, characterization and enhanced electrochemical capacitance

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journal contribution
posted on 07.12.2017 by Ranran Zhang, Yu Liao, Shuangli Ye, Ziqiang Zhu, Jun Qian
1. Nanoflower-like MoS2 grown on the surface of MWCNTs/PANI nano-stem is successfully synthesized. 2. The obtained ternary hybrid exhibits a high capacitance of 542.56 F g-1 at 0.5 A g-1 and excellent cycling stability (73.7% capacitance retention) over 3000 cycles. 3. This work offers a potential electrode material for supercapacitors. ;In this work, a novel hierarchical structure, nanoflower-like MoS2 grown on the surface of MWCNTs/PANI nano-stem, is synthesized sucessfully. The obtained ternary nanocomposite exhibits excellent electrochemical performance, which can be used as the electrode material of supercapacitor.