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Flow chart of the methodological steps that were followed for synchrotron-based pressure inflation of the mouse carotid artery and segmentation of its lamellar layers. from Synchrotron-based visualization and segmentation of elastic lamellae in the mouse carotid artery during quasi-static pressure inflation

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posted on 11.06.2019 by Bram Trachet, Mauro Ferraro, Goran Lovric, Lydia Aslanidou, Gerlinde Logghe, Patrick Segers, Nikolaos Stergiopulos
Flow chart of the different experimental and computational steps. a. Experimental procedure. b. Segmentation procedure. c. Modified Dijkstra algorithm. Dijkstra's original shortest path algorithm (32) (d) was modified such that the shortest path is the one indicated in bold on the figure. Since weights are assigned based on the distance of the vertices belonging to each junction to the shrunk convex hull, the inner lamella is the lamella with minimal average weight on its junctions (panel c) and not the lamella with the minimal total weight (panel d). Red rectangles in panels a and b indicate the focus region of the next panel.