Figures S1 - S4 and Table S1 from A combined low-frequency electromagnetic and fluidic stimulation for a controlled drug release from superparamagnetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: potential application for cardiovascular diseases

Figure S1: Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images of FeHAs (a, b) at two different magnifications and HAs (c); Figure S2: Hydrodynamic diameter distributions of FeHA and HA in HEPES buffer 0.1 M, pH 7.4.; Table S1: Technical data of each component of the MEBD; Figure S3: Adsorption kinetics of IBU on (▪) FeHAs and (▫) HAs.; Figure S4: Adsorption isotherms of IBU on (▪) FeHAs and (▫) HAs. Separate points are the experimental data; dotted lines indicate Sips fits of isotherm data.