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Figures S1-S4 from Actuarial senescence in a long-lived orchid challenges our current understanding of ageing

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posted on 04.11.2016 by Johan Petter Dahlgren, Fernando Colchero, Owen R. Jones, Dag-Inge Øien, Asbjørn Moen, Nina Sletvold
Figure S1: Plots of the Kaplan-Meier estimators of the survivorship curves. Figure S2: Mortality and survivorship over age since first reproduction, and parameter values, of the second-best fitting mortality model (logistic including reproductive investment and no Makeham term). Figure S3: Mortality, survivorship and parameter values of the best-fitting mortality model that did not include reproductive investment (the third-best fitting model overall; logistic with a Makeham term). Figure S4: Predictions of senescence rates from the best-fitting Weibull model with reproductive investment accounted for, and predictions from the best-fitting logistic model excluding reproductive investment.