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Figure S5. from Growth overshoot and seasonal size changes in the skulls of two weasel species

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posted on 10.01.2017 by Scott LaPoint, Lara Keicher, Martin Wikelski, Karol Zub, Dina K. N. Dechmann
Generalized additive model predictions for seasonal patterns in the condylobasal lengths (left column), braincase depths (center column), and standardized braincase depths (right column) for adult females (turquoise and triangles) and males (dark blue and plus-signs) of both M. erminea (top row) and M. nivalis (bottom row). Here we show that the seasonal pattern in standardized braincase depth is not driven by disproportionate nor independent changes in condylobasal length or braincase depth alone. Note: species are drawn on same y-axis per size metric, but the scales differ between the metrics.