Figure S4 from Social behaviour in bees influences the abundance of Sodalis (Enterobacteriaceae) symbionts

Phylogeny of recovered Sodalis sequences. Bolded taxa represent genomes assembled de novo in this study. C. calcarata, L. vierecki, L. marginatum, L. malachurum, and H. ligatus all represent Sodalis sequences recovered from shotgun sequencing libraries derived from those bee taxa. So. glossinidius and So. pierantonius are previously assembled symbionts of tsetse flies and weevils, respectively. So. praecaptivus is the previously assembled free-living form of Sodalis. All other tips are derived from L. albipes shotgun sequencing libraries and are labeled with their location of origin and mitochondrial haplotype in parentheses. Each number represents a unique haplotype. We were not able to recover haplotypes for all samples.