Figure S4. Percentile-LOESS function estimates the growth in ascents' height from Vertical exploration and dimensional modularity in mice

2018-03-09T12:29:47Z (GMT) by Yair Wexler Yoav Benjamini Ilan Golani
Figure S4. Capturing the dynamics of growth using a 90th percentile-LOESS function, illustrated by the maximal height per ascent in a selected mouse (first 64 ascents). Scaled raw data of maximal height per ascent are coloured in grey and the percentile-LOESS function is coloured in red. The dashed black horizontal line represents the 80% threshold, and the orange vertical line represents the time (in ascents) to reach the 80% threshold. The dynamics of growth in height consist roughly of two stages - a stage of rearing episodes (ascents 1 to 32), followed by rapid growth in height, until eventually the mouse reaches the top of the wall.