Figure S3 from Variation in defence strategies in the metal hyperaccumulator plant Noccaea caerulescens is indicative of synergies and trade-offs between forms of defence

Figure S3: Glucosinolate tolerance of Psm, 9A6, 10C1, SnC10 and SnB11. Bacteria were grown in 200 microliter KB broth in 96 well microplates. The glucosinolate sinigrin was added to give a range of concentrations encompassing the average concentrations measured in N. caerulescens leaves. Two wells were used for each strain and glucosinolate concentration in each of two replicate microplates (pale blue diamonds). A set of replica microplates were also created in which each well was supplemented with myrosinase enzyme (blue squares). Growth was monitored over 48 hours. Results shown here represent the mean of the two independent experiments for each treatment. Error bars indicate SE.