Figure S2 from Emotion appraisal dimensions inferred from vocal expressions are consistent across cultures: a comparison between Australia and India

Participants’ mean ratings (and boxplots) of appraisal dimensions (z scores) as a function of the intended emotion of the vocal expressions. Error bars indicate 95% credible intervals and shaded areas indicate direction of theoretical predictions. Diamonds indicate mean appraisal ratings and the colour of the diamonds indicates if the associated Bayes Factor (BF) supports the prediction (green, BF > 3), supports a population mean close to zero (red, BF < 1/3), or if both hypotheses are equally likely (black, 3 > BF > 1/3). Thirty-one out of 36 (86%) mean ratings were in the predicted direction. For the remaining 5 predictions, 3 (8%) gave support for a mean close to zero and 2 (6%) did not support one hypothesis over the other.